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this is our lunch and dinner menu. you can eat in or tack out .

if you would like to call in an order you call us at 251-929-3839, and place your order.

#1 Gyro with cucumber sause
(lettuce,tomatoes, Onions,and cucumber soouce)

#2 Gyro with feta cheese
(Lettuce,tomatoes,Onioins,and feta cheese)

#3 Gyro with Hummus
(lettuce,tomatoes,pikels,and Hummus)

#4 Gyro with Garlic souce)
(lettuce,tomatoes,pikles,and Garlic souce)

#5 Gyro philly
(saute' onions,mushrooms,and bell peppers,whith lettuce,
tomatoes,cheese, and all on tortilla bread.)

#6 Gyro with Teriyaki sauce
(lettuce,tomatoes,onions,pickles,and teriyaki)

#7 Gyro with bar-b-Q sauce
(sames as # 5 but with Bar- B-Q sauce